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Monday, August 24, 2009

What next after CS exam results August 2009, register for Executive or Professional program & finish NIIT, TOP, ADP, SMTP from ICSI

The results of the CS Foundation Course, Intermediate and Final (Old Syllabus) and Foundation Programme, Intermediate/Executive Programme, and Professional Programme (New Syllabus) examinations of the Company Secretaries held in June, 2009 are scheduled to be declared at 12.00 Noon on 25th August, 2009 at and also try


Candidates registered upto and including the month of August in a year are eligible for appearing in both the groups of the Executive Programme or all 4 modules of Professional Programme examination held in June of next year. So, its mandatory for you to submit prescribed forms before 31st August 2009 to appear for all modules in December 2009.  There is one another new requirement in lieu of TOP, SMTP, etc…which is called Student Induction Programme (SIP), Executive Development Programme (EDP)  and Professional Development Programme (PDP) from 1st September 2009 0nwards, so make your enrolment fast.

Before visiting the nearest ICSI office, make sure you are ready with following things:

For Foundation passed:

  1. Get to know your subjects and classes schedules at
  2. Register for Computer Training with NIIT or produce your Certificates to write Exemption exam (Detailed FAQs) on or before February 2010
  3. Enjoy reading CS Executive Programme books from

For Executive passed:

  1. Click here to download & fill CS Professional Program Application - and arrange for fees as per Apply for Training Orientation Program (TOP) and find details from nearest ICSI - (its a mandatory pre-requisite to commence CS Training). TOP is a 5 full day program offered at ICSI and your training will commence only on completion of this program
  2. Then, start sending emails & applications of RESUME for CS Training to
    1. List of Company Secretaries in Practice Registered for Imparting Training
    2. Registered Companies for Training
  3. For 15-month CS Training related information, you can click
  4. Start looking out for Academic Development Programs (ADP) as its mandatory to attend for 25 hours or you have the option to register for National Convention of ICSI.
  5. Get to know your subjects and classes schedules at
  6. Enjoy reading CS Professional books (coming sooooon), keep watchin…

For Professional passed:

  1. Pending Training you are eligible for Licentiate Membership of ICSI - and you will get Chartered Secretary (Members magazine) free of cost.
  2. Complete your CS Training or Claim exemption from it following
  3. Complete RoC Training or Stock Exchange training, if applicable. Send e-mail to to get the sponsorship letter.
  4. Complete ADP's, if applicable & pending
  5. Then, apply for the esteemed membership of ICSI following,

Hope, I have not missed out anything. Of course, you can keep track of all updates, happenings and all about Company Secretaries by following and Get See Yes -> Yes, ACS delivered by email


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