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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Checklist/forms/fees/guide to apply for Company Secretary Associate Membership (ACS) & to get Certificate of Practice & other benefits of ICSI


Wondering how to & what to include in your CS membership application, after toiling so long with,
1. CS Foundation,
2. CS Executive Program,
3. Completion of TOP for 5 days,
4. CS Training with Company or Apprenticeship with PCS for 15 months or months,
5. 15 days of ROC or Stock Exchange or other practical training,
6. Completion of SMTP for 15 days,
& now, what to do.....?!!!!

Just apply for the much awaited CS Membership now & here's your how-to guide. You can view the same in

Checklist with forms to apply for Associate Company Secretary (ACS) & Certificate of Practice & other facil...


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