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Monday, May 28, 2012

Learnlabz Company Secretary Class Schedule for December 2012 CS exams of ICSI for all subjects & all levels to enjoy passing, announces Free Trial sessions also

Learnlabz conducts ALL subjects for ALL levels of CS Foundation, Executive & Professional Programme classes to enjoy passing Company Secretary December 2012 exams to be held from December 26, 2012.  The students can try by attending first session of the classes free of cost and OTM books are also provided.  The details can also be downloaded from

Full details are enclosed in:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Download CS Exam Hall Ticket Admit Card & revise for Company Secretary Foundation Executive & Professional Programme June 2012 exams with Updates Amendments to enjoy passing

Assured of your time value for Exams (read this as below), enjoy passing… Awaiting your happy moments @ exam halls.  Forget everything, its only you and your available memory is the best.  So, whether you know the answer or not, just keep concentrating for the full 3 hours of every exam to …..(read enjoy passing).  Direct link to download your Company Secretary Exam hall ticket/Admit Card using YOUR 17 DIGIT FULL Registration Number WITH MONTH YEAR: OR

To read the CS Amendments, visit 

To apply for Company Secretary Examination Online:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Download OnlyThisMuch book Update Amendments 2012 for Company Secretary June exams onwards covering Corporate laws, Securities laws, Due Diligence, Voluntary Corporate Governance Codes, Schedule VI XII, Takeover Code 2011, Legal Metrology Act, Foreign Contribution, FDI Policy & ICDR with ICSI Supplements to enjoy passing

OnlyThisMuch book series has released most crucial Updates/ Amendments 2012 for June exam onwards under all laws applicable for Company Secretary exams [CS Executive Programme & Professional Program].  The same can be read from:

(Better when downloaded).  It covers the following laws:

Company Law/ Company Secretarial Practice/ Corporate Restructuring

1.       Amendments in MCA-21 & Filing aspects

2.       Amendments in Clauses of Memorandum Of Association

3.       Amendments in Unlisted Public Companies PREFERENTIAL ALLOTMENT Rules u/s. 81(1A)

4.       Amendments in General Meetings & Board Meetings related

5.       Amendments in Managerial Remuneration under Schedule XIII

6.       Amendments in Related Party Transactions under Sections 295, 297 & 314 of Companies Act, 1956

7.       Amendments in Merger of Government Companies u/s. 396


9.       Form & Contents of Annual Accounts under Revised Schedule VI



For Direct & Indirect Tax Laws Amendments, download & print the ICSI Supplement from this link [this is applicable for CS Executive & Professional Program exams

Click here for Financial Management Theory

Glance through MCA Guidelines on Governance

Securities Law/ Due Diligence

1.       Amendments in SEBI ICDR Regulations, 2009

2.       Amendments in Equity Listing Agreement

3.       Public Issue by SME’s & SME Equity Listing Agreement (most predicted question for this exam)

4.       Debt market issues & Securitised Debt Listing Agreement

5.       Revised Insider Trading Disclosures

6.       New Takeover Code, 2011

Corporate Governance/ Securities Law

1.       New Voluntary Governance Codes in India

(including MCA’s Corporate Governance & CSR Code, Secretarial Audit, ICSI’s recommendations)

2.       New Governance Codes abroad

(including UK Corporate Governance & Stewardship Codes)

3.       Other Amendments – Internal Control, Credo & Green Tribunal


Other Laws for CS Exams:

1.       Amendments in FEMA & CONSOLIDATED Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) POLICY, 2012  [for Drafting & Alliances in Professional Program, Economic Laws in Executive Program]

2.       FOREIGN CONTRIBUTION (REGULATION) ACT, 2010 & RULES 2011 [FCRA] replacing Old Act [for Economic Laws in Executive Program & has Compounding provisions as relevant for Drafting]

3.       Competition Act, 2002 & Mergers, Amalgamations, Acquisitions & Takeovers (MAAT) [for Drafting & Corporate Restructuring in Professional Program & Economics Laws in Executive Program]

4.       Legal Metrology Act, 2009 replacing Standard Weights & Measures Act [for Eocnomic Laws in Executive Program]

Only This Much Amendments Laws 2012 Updates for Company Secretary Exams on Corporate, Economic, Securities,...

Enjoy passingSmile

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