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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tax law, Company law, Economic & Labour law Updates for June 2011 Company Secretaries exam as on February 2011 - ICSI Bulletin

CS Bulletin updation for Tax law (Assessment year & updates), Company law (Additional Filing Fees), Economic & Labour law (Competition law case) for June 2011 Company Secretaries exam as on February 2011.  Do read for both Company Secretary Executive & Professional Programme exams.

ICSI Directorate of Academic & Professional Development



The Commission found that these practices constituted abuse by Intel of its dominant position on the x86 CPU market that harmed consumers throughout the European Economic Area.  By undermining its competitors ability to compete on the merits of their products, Intel’s actions undermined competition & innovation.  The CCI has also ordered Intel to cease ongoing abusive practices immediately.

A brief analysis of Intel case under Competition Act, 2002:

  • In the above mentioned case the relevant market is ‘Relevant Product Market’ and to be more specific, ‘Computer Chip Market’.
  • The dominance is abused on the grounds of ‘Denial of Market Access’ which is listed as one of the grounds of abuse of dominance, u/s. 4(2)(c) of Competition Act, 2002.







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