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Monday, December 13, 2010

OnlyThisMuch Book Release Event Videos with my Guru Sreevathson & Mentor MR Venkatesh & all about the joyous moments of OTM for CS Executive Program

The most memorable OnlyThisMuch book release event started with a blessing speech by our Mentor Mr. MRV who described OTM as an Indian Thaali and went on with Mr. Sreevathson releasing the book, followed by an awe-inspiring speech and what not of the joy….:)))

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Photos of the event:

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OTM Challenge is on…

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

File @ SEBI Regional office for Issue size UPTO 100 crores for prescribed States with New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai & Kolkata

SEBI extends the role of its Regional offices to accept applications for public issues under ICDR regulations vide CIR/CFD/DIL/9/2010 dated 13th October 2010

When issue size is 100 crores or less

SEBI, New Delhi office for Companies proposed to be listed in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh, Delhi & Uttarakhand

SEBI, Kolkata office for Companies proposed to be listed in Assam, Bihar,
Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Orissa, West Bengal, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram & Jharkhand

SEBI, Chennai office for Companies proposed to be listed in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tami Nadu & Puducherry

SEBI, Ahmedabad office for Companies proposed to be listed in Gujarat & Rajasthan.

For other states & when issue size is more than 100 crores

At SEBI Bhawan, Mumbai.

Merchant Bankers are accordingly advised to file the draft offer documents / offer documents with the concerned office of SEBI, based on the estimated issue size accordingly.

Download Notification.

Download CS Admit Card for December 2010 Exams - Take print of Hall Ticket for Foundation Executive & Professional Company Secretary Exams now

Hope you would have got your Admit Card or Hall tickets for CS Foundation Programme, CS Executive Programme or CS Professional Programme exams by now.

The CS Admit Card issued by ICSI gives you the details of Roll Number, Examination centre and the details of the exams that you are allowed to write along with the Date of the Exams and the exemptions granted.

So, its the time to wish all the best!!! Just be confident of your preparations now, irrespective of how much you have studied.  Just make sure, you spend 3 hours of your time for every exam with 100% concentration and every exam is independant of each other.  The performance of one exam has connection to the performance in the other exam.  So, simply give your best for each & every exam.  Its Only This Much!!!

Refresh your exam knowledge by participating in Quiz from

For those, who have not got the same, not to panic! there is a very easy way to download, which is valid for Exams too from ICSI site itself. Just you have to know your ICSI registration number. (Enter Either Registration number or Roll Number) 17 Digit Registration No (Third character is Zero and not "O") or 9 digit numbers followed by / month (2 digit) / year (4 digit) and you will get your Admit Card Extract. 

Now, click here to get your Admit Card Click here to download ICSI Hall Ticket for December 2010 exams  using [New Website Link]

The other option would be log in to your

Monday, December 6, 2010

Company Law Easy Exit Scheme Version 2.0 is back!!! Rush to close your companies now (1st January to 31st January 2011)

Closure of defunct companies by ROC

COMPANY LAW EASY EXIT SCHEME under The Companies Act, 1956:

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, has announced an EASY EXIT SCHEME to facilitate the defunct company to get rid of it. The scheme has made very simple for the exit of the defunct company without much effort.

In the normal circumstances closing of a company may take several years and may need to spent lakhs of rupees.

Please contact us immediately for filing the application, for closure of your defunct company, if any at the earliest and avail this golden opportunity.

The opportunity may come once in blue moon. So do ACT IMMEDIATELY and get rid of your defunct company once for all without any future litigation for non compliances.

The Scheme is valid from 1st January to 31st January 2011.

After the closure of the scheme, it is expected that ROC may take actions on those companies who continue to default the compliances.

Take the opportunity immediately.

For assistance, you may also contact:


Reach us @ 7/13, South Boag Road, T.Nagar, Chennai, 600017

Mail us:

Keep closing!!!

Download New Easy Exit Scheme Notification

No preferential allotment to promoter for 1 year on warrant failure, Be a retail investor UPTO 2 lakhs, Advertise filing of offer documents, Uniform allotment in offer to public, Asks company to decide whether partly/fully paid shares - SEBI ICDR 4th Amendment 2010

SEBI Issue of Capital & Disclosure Requirements - ICDR (Fourth Amendment) Regulations, 2010: The amendment includes postal insurance funds as QIB, increases retail investor limit to 2 lakhs [ie, those who will fall in the 35% in net offer category], mandates company to advertise filing of offer documents, clarifies on pending convertible securities before IPO, as usual puts extra responsibility on Merchant banker to certify on advertisements issued in all types of media, unifies allotment in offer to public as 50%-35%-15% (for QIB-Retail-Others), issue to give either part payment or full payment option to investors (& not both) and finally clarifies on eligibility of Preferential Allotment to Promoters or Promoters Group (i.e) if they have sold shares within past 6 months or if they have failed to exercise warrants issued within past 1 year, then such promoters/promoters group becomes ineligible for preferential allotment.

Retail investors/reservation to employees limit extended

Reg 2(ze) “retail individual investor” means an investor who applies or bids for specified securities for a value of not more than  Rs. 2 lakhs (erstwhile limit was Rs. 1 lakh).

Reg 2(zf) “retail individual shareholder” means a shareholder of a listed issuer, who applies or bids for specified securities for a value of not more than Rs. 2 lakhs.

Reg 42(4): The reservation on competitive basis to any employee shall not exceed Rs. 2,00,000/- (erstwhile limit was Rs. 1,00,000)

Reg 2(zd) “Qualified Institutional Buyer” (QIB) has 12 items now:

“(xii) insurance funds set up and managed by the Department of Posts, India.”

In addition to SEBI, Stock Exchange & Merchant banker who publish draft offer documents in their website, the company shall publish the same in dailies

New Reg 9(3): The issuer company either on the date of filing the draft offer document with SEBI or on the next day shall make a public  announcement in one English/Hindi/Regional daily newspaper with wide  circulation about the fact of filing of draft offer document with SEBI and inviting public comments.

Reg 26(5): IPO can be made with FULLY PAID outstanding convertible securities which are required to be converted on or before the date of filing of prospectus.

Same allocation even if minimum public shareholding is 10/25%Reg 43(2): Allocation in net offer to public category shall be:

  • UPTO 50% to QIB
  • Atleast 35% to Retail Investors
  • Atleast 15% to Non-Institutional Investors

(irrespective of whether the offer is made under Rule 19(2)(b) or not [i.e, even if minimum public shareholding is 10%])

Hence, the erswhile limits of 60%, 30%, 10% will  not apply.

Make it fully paid or partly paid & not both

New Reg 54(7):  “The issuer shall give only one payment option out of the following to all the investors -  

(a) part payment on application with balance money to be paid in  calls; or 
(b) full payment on application:

Provided that where the issuer has given the part payment option to  investors, such issuer shall  obtain the necessary regulatory  approvals to facilitate the same.”

Now, Merchant banker shall also certify the Public communications, publicity materials, advertisements and research reports in all medias

New Reg 60(14): “The merchant bankers shall submit a compliance certificate in the format specified in  Part D of Schedule XIII, for the period between the date of filing the draft offer document with SEBI and the date of closure of the issue, in respect of news reports appearing in any of the following media:
(a) newspapers mentioned in sub-regulation (3) of regulation 9;
(b) major business magazines;
(c) print and electronic media controlled by a media group where the media group has a private treaty/shareholders’ agreement with the issuer or promoters of the issuer.”


Conditions for Preferential Allotment made more stringent

“Explanation: Where any person belonging to promoter(s) or the promoter group has sold his  equity shares in the issuer during the 6 months preceding the relevant date, the promoter(s) and promoter group shall be ineligible for  allotment of specified securities on preferential basis”.

New Reg 72(3): Where any person belonging to promoter(s) or the  promoter group has previously subscribed to warrants of an issuer but failed to exercise the warrants, the promoter(s) and promoter group shall be ineligible for issue of specified securities of such issuer on preferential basis for a period of one year from the date of expiry of the tenure/cancellation of  the  warrants.

Download the SEBI ICDR 4th Amendment 2010 issued vide No. LAD-NRO/GN/2010-11/19/26456 dated 12th November 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Only This Much Challenge - theres more to OnlyThisMuch for CS Books, is open now, Take the OTM challenge right away!!!

OTM Challenge

-        there’s more to only this much!!!


View Point

The reasoning behind this challenge is to groom and nurture CS/CWA/CA/LL.B students by recognising their capabilities and providing a platform for knowledge sharing & enrichment.  

OTM will provide various opportunities to the participants (selected) and the winners, which inter alia includes:

1.      Opportunity to write and contribute to OTM by co-authoring in OTM books

2.      Opportunity to undergo Training (15 months training as indicated in CS course)

3.      Opportunity to become a faculty (part-time or full-time) at Learn Labz

4.     WIN Cash prizes, gift vouchers & goody bags

 Know about OTM

Such activities will nourish their minds & enrich their knowledge, making them a confident & successful professional and will also provide them an opportunity to meet like-minded professionals.

So what are you waiting for...Take the OTM challenge 2011 right away from

About OTM Challenge & Click here to Take Round-I of OTM Challenge or E-mail

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