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Sunday, August 15, 2010

2nd year Event Videos, Photos, Awards, Mafoi Pandiarajan on business, cake cutting & lot more fun with Lawlabz Learnlabz OnlyThisMuch 2010 Celebration

Ever heard of a lab that concocts and churns out, not chemical, but legal solutions! LAWLABZ (Law Labz Consultancy Pvt Ltd), a legal consulting services organisation, has positioned itself in the forefront in offering high end services in corporate compliance practices. It has a training division called Learnlabz and publication initiative called OnlyThisMuch for Company Secretary students.


And as you are aware Lawlabz Group 2nd Year Celebrations this July 2010 with Learnlabz & OnlyThisMuch, the video way, hope you will make it, now its the time to share with the happy moments during our event [4 parts of video & photos].  You will find following features throughout the events,

  1. Funny (bit of Tamil mixture)
  2. Business is like a dance!!! (Wonderful speech by Mr. K. Pandiarajan of Mafoi Randstad)
  3. Lawlabz Corporate & Employee Awards, Learnlabz Faculty Awards & OnlyThisMuch Author awards
  4. Blast, Cake cutting, celebrations & celebrations.

[Do see all the 4 parts of the Videos & photographs hereunder]

Lawlabz Learnlabz OnlyThisMuch 2nd Year celebrations 2010

Thanks again for making the even the most successful one in all respects.  Thanks will definitely not suffice your well wishes.


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