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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SEBI Timelines for 12 day listing of IPO/FPO/Public issue of securities w.e.f 3rd May 2010 - The Public offer schedule to commence trading

In consultation with market intermediaries, SEBI has issued a press release for Listing with Stock Exchanges to be made within 12 days of closure of public issue wef 1st May 2010.

In the new process, the syndicate members shall capture all data relevant for
purposes of finalizing basis of allotment while uploading bid data in the electronic bidding system of the stock exchanges. In order that the data so captured is accurate, syndicate members may be permitted an additional day to amend some of the data fields entered by them in the electronic bidding system.

It is to be noted that syndicate members shall be responsible for any error in the bid details uploaded by them. In case of apparent data entry error by either syndicate member or collecting bank in entering the application number in their respective schedules other things remaining unchanged, the application may be considered as valid and such exceptions may be recorded in minutes of the meeting submitted to stock exchange(s). In the event of mistake in capturing the application number by either the syndicate member or collecting bank leading to rejection of application, the registrar may identify based on the bid form, the entity responsible for the error. Valid records in electronic file will be those for which money is received.

This circular contains indicative timelines for the various activities in the issue process. The non-ASBA process in this regard is given in Annexure I of the circular. Since the ASBA process also needs to be revised pursuant to the
reduced timelines, the revised ASBA process is indicated in Annexure II of the circular.

Details of the mandatory data fields which are required to be captured into the electronic bidding system by the syndicate members including the fields which are modifiable/non-modifiable is given in Annexure III of the circular.

In order to facilitate quicker processing of applications for the purpose of allotment, instead of the name of the applicant, it is proposed to use PAN which is a unique identification number of the applicant. In this regard, the merchant bankers are directed to ensure that the following is clearly disclosed in the prospectus/abridged prospectus, application form and the pre-issue advertisements: “The applicants may note that in case the DP ID & Client ID and PAN mentioned in the application form and entered into the electronic bidding system of the stock exchanges by the syndicate members do not match with the DP ID & Client ID and PAN available in the depository database, the application is liable to be rejected.”

Stock Exchanges are directed to ensure that in case of revision of bids, there shall be appropriate provisions to capture the details of the payment instrument for difference of amount, if any.  It is given to understand that there is no uniformity in the documents required to be submitted to the stock exchanges along with the listing application which results in delay in the process. In this regard, stock exchanges are directed to clearly indicate the list of documents which they require for giving listing approval, at the time of grant of in-principle approval.

Stock Exchanges, Merchant Bankers, Registrar to an Issue, Bankers to an issue including those acting as Self Certified Syndicate Banks and depositories are directed to ensure that the instructions contained in this circular are complied with. This revised procedure shall be applicable to all public issues opening on or after May 3, 2010.

Download the IPO Timeline or Public Issue Schedule issued by SEBI from T+0 till T + 12 days, where “T” is the issue closing date and “T+12” is the date of commencement of trading vide SEBI CIR/CFD/DIL/3/2010 dated 22nd April 2010.


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