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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Websites/Blogs/astrology predictions or advice/Newspaper Advertisements/SMS’s/Emails/rumours NO Papa...Only SEBI Registered Intermediaries for Investments

SEBI PR No.36/2010 dated 10th February 2010

Caution to investors

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is a regulatory body established by an Act of Parliament to protect the interests of investors in the securities market, to promote the development of, to regulate the securities market and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

The following caution is issued by SEBI in the interest of investors.

SEBI has observed a proliferation of websites that offer investment advice to investors. Many of these websites offer investment advice not backed by any reasonable basis and prima facie appear to be misguiding. Investors should realize that when they follow such advice they are exposing themselves to undue risk in using unconfirmed information available on such Websites/Blogs/astrology predictions or advice/Newspaper Advertisements/SMS’s/Emails/rumours/ advice rendered through television or print media and trading tips on an intra-day basis, short term basis or long term basis. The public in general is advised not to fall prey to or be lured by such sources of information promising quick gains and unrealistic high returns. It is advised that investors should take well informed investment decisions.

The following may be borne in mind:

· Deal only with/ through SEBI registered intermediaries.

· Do not get carried away by advertisements promising unrealistic gains and windfall profits.

· Do not invest based on market rumours or unconfirmed or unauthentic news.

· Be aware that advice through television or print media does not mean that it is the opinion of the channel or publisher.

· Be extra cautious while using information available from media sources such as Websites/ Blogs/ Newspaper Advertisements/ SMS’s Emails/rumours/ advice through television or print media for information and tips for intra-day, short term or long term investing.

· Do not be guided by astrological predictions on share prices and market movements.

· Do not make investment decisions on the basis of implicit/explicit promises made by anyone.

· Do not be unduly influenced by indicative returns.

· Do not be unduly influenced by Bull Runs/Bear Runs while making investment decisions.



SEBi is not an authority in astrology, nor its has predictive expertise in stock markets, else it would have adviced the investors itself about what to buy and what not to buy. It would have saved the innocent investors from the 2008 crash in the market by cautioning in advance. Therefore it is not the job of SEBI to issue the advices to anyone other than exchanges, brokers & regd companies.

If it is concerned about small investors its really good but for that it may ensure satyam like scam dosent happen inspite of its regulation. It may issue an advice to exchanges for not allowing the stocks to trade above or below Book Value, at unrealistic prices and so on, which could really ensure the safety to small investors.

Astrology is the only science which can guide the investors in the right direction regarding any investment. How Astrology influences the stock prices can be learned through the book "Stock Market Astrology & Astrological Theory of Business Cycles" empherical data of past recessions proves the relation between the markets and astrology, and how it can be taken into notice in making any investment decision or staying away from the markets is given there. Sebi itselt must take into account of any science which can provide proper guidence to it about the market dynamics, which may help it to keep check on any mis happenings in the markets.

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