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Monday, December 28, 2009

SEBI ICDR now applies to Convertible preference shares, fast track issues liberalised, employee reservation value limited to Rs. 1 lakh, Anchor Investors in IDR & new book building system introduced based on bids at highest price

No. LAD-NRO/GN/2009-10/23/186926 dated 11th December 2009

Securities and Exchange Board of India (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) (Amendment) Regulations, 2009 [SEBI ICDR Amendment]

Reg 2(k) “convertible security” means a security which is convertible into or
exchangeable with equity shares of the issuer at a later date, with or without the option of the holder of the security and includes convertible debt instrument and convertible preference shares.

Reg 2(zd) “Qualified Institutional Buyer” (QIB) has 11 items now:

“(xi) insurance funds set up and managed by army, navy or air force of
the Union of India;”

Fast Track Issues – FTI

  • Reg 10(b): The average market capitalisation of public shareholding of the issuer is at least five thousand crore rupees (thus reduced to Rs.5,000 crores from erstwhile Rs.10,000 crores).
  • Reg 10(b): the annualised trading turnover of the equity shares of the issuer during 6calendar months immediately preceding the month of the reference date has been at least 2% of the weighted average number of equity shares listed during such 6 months’ period. 
    • Provided that for issuers, whose public shareholding is less than 15% of its issued equity capital, the annualised trading turnover of its equity shares has been at least 2% of the weighted average number of equity shares available as free float during such 6 months’ period.
  • Reg 10(e): the issuer has been in compliance with the equity listing agreement for a period of at least 3 years immediately preceding the reference date.
    • Provided that if the issuer has not complied with the provision of the equity listing agreement relating to composition of board of directors, for any quarter during the last 3 years immediately preceding the reference date, but is compliant with such provisions at the time of filing of offer document with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) or designated stock exchange, as the case may be, and adequate disclosures are made in the offer document about such non-compliances during the 3 years immediately preceding the reference date, it shall be deemed as compliance with the condition.

Reg 29: An issuer may offer specified securities at different prices, subject to the following: [Differential Pricing]
(a) retail individual investors or retail individual shareholders or employees of the issuer entitled for reservation (on competitive basis) made under regulation 42 making an application for specified securities of value not more than 1 lakh rupees may be offered specified securities at a price lower than the price at which net offer is made to other categories of applicants: Provided that such difference shall not be more than ten per cent. of the price at which specified securities are offered to other categories of applicants.

Reg 42(4): The reservation on competitive basis shall be subject to following conditions:
(a) the aggregate of reservations for employees shall not exceed 5% of the post issue capital of the issuer [not the erstwhile 10% of issue size].

Also, a new Clause is inserted as:

“(g) value of allotment to any employee in pursuance of reservation made under sub-regulations (1) [reservations when issue made through book building] or (2) [reservations when issue made through OTHER THAN book building], as the case may be, shall not exceed 1 lakh rupees.”

Reg 50: Allotment procedure and basis of allotment.
(1) The allotment of specified securities to applicants other than anchor investors shall be on proportionate basis within the specified investor categories and the number of securities allotted shall be rounded off to the nearest integer, subject to minimum allotment being equal to the minimum application size as determined and disclosed by the issuer.

“Provided that value of specified securities allotted to any person in pursuance of reservation made under clause (a) of sub-regulation (1) or clause (a) of sub-regulation (2) [ie, to employees of issuer] of regulation 42, shall not exceed 1 lakh rupees.”

New Clause: Regulation 55A in Rights Issue: Reservation for employees alongwith rights issue:
55A. Subject to other applicable provision of these regulations the issuer may make reservation for its employees alongwith rights issue subject to the condition that value of allotment to any employee shall not exceed 1 lakh rupees.


IDR Amendments

Out of the portion to Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB), UPTO 30% to Anchor Investors (AI) as per Schedule XI. Allocation to AI shall be made on same day of bidding. AI shall be,

2 or more, if allocation is

UPTO 250 crores

5 or more, if allocation is

ABOVE 250 crores

UPTO 1/3rd of AI portion is reserved for domestic Mutual Funds (MF).


Reg 98: Condition for issue of IDR:

(e) The balance 50% may be allocated among the categories of non-institutional investors and retail individual investors including employees at the discretion of the issuer and the manner of allocation shall be disclosed in the prospectus. Allotment to investors within a category shall be on proportionate basis;

“Provided that atleast 30% of the said 50% IDR issued shall be allocated to retail individual investors and in case of under subscription in retail individual investor category, spill over to the extent of under-subscription shall be permitted to other categories.”

Schedule VIII dealing with DISCLOSURES IN OFFER DOCUMENT, ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS AND ABRIDGED LETTER OF OFFER is amended and in specific cases of this Schedule, the regulations will be implemented w.e.f. 1st January & 1st April 2010.

[See regulation 28(3) and 102]

The following Paragraph is newly inserted:

Alternate method of book building

(may be inspired from French Auction.  In case of Dutch Auction, allotments made at single price (like the existing book building process). In case of French Auction, allotments made at bid price)

In case of further public offers, the issuer may opt for an alternate method of book building, as given in this part subject to the following:
(a) Issuer shall follow the procedure laid down in Part A of this Schedule except clause (13) [determination of price] and clause (15) (a) [proportionate allotment] thereof.
(b) The issuer shall disclose a floor price in the red herring prospectus.
(c) Investors other than retail individual investors shall bid at any price above the floor price.
(d) The bidder who bids at the highest price shall be allotted the number
of securities that he has bided for and then the bidder who has bided at the second highest price and so on, until all the specified securities on offer are exhausted.
(e) Allotment shall be on price priority basis for investors other than retail individual investors.
(f) Allotment to retail individual investors shall be made proportionately as illustrated in this Schedule.
(g) Where, however the number of specified securities bided for at a price is more than available quantity (HEAVY DEMAND), then allotment shall be done on proportionate basis.
(h) Retail individual investors shall be allotted specified securities at the floor price.
(i) The issuer may place a CAP either in terms of No. of specified securities or % of issued capital of the issuer that may be allotted to a single bidder.”

Download SEBI (ICDR) Regulations, 2009 amended as till year 2009.


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