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Monday, December 21, 2009

FII debt allocation through bidding process and first come first serve process - SEBI

This is in continuation of SEBI FII notification regarding allocation of debt investment limits vide [SEBI]FII allocation of government debt investment limit&link to FII section in SEBI website

Allocation through bidding process

In partial amendment to clause 3 (h) of the aforesaid circular IMD/FII & C/ 37/2009, no single entity shall be allocated more than Rs.300 cr. of the government debt investment limit.

In partial amendment to clause 3 (c) and 3(d) of the earlier circular, the minimum amount which can be bid for shall be Rs.50 cr. and the minimum
tick size shall be Rs.50 cr.

The bidding process shall be on December 17, 2009 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Allocation through first come first serve process
An investment limit of Rs.350 cr. in Government debt shall be allocated among the FIIs/sub-accounts on a first come first served basis in terms of SEBI circular dated January 31, 2008, subject to a ceiling of Rs.50 cr. per registered entity.

The debt requests in this regard shall be forwarded to the dedicated email id The window for first come first served process shall open at 23:59 PM IST, December 17, 2009. Time period for utilization of the allocated debt limit through first come first served basis shall be 11 working days from the date of the allocation.

Source: Cir No. IMD/FII & C/41/2009 dated 15th December, 2009


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