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Monday, May 25, 2009

CCI Collegium Meetings with 6 regulations transact the business on the basis of information or reference & decided by majority

The Competition Commission of India (Meeting for Transaction of Business) Regulations, 2009 ( No. 3 of 2009) by way of Notification No R-40007/6/ Reg- Meeting/ Noti/ 04- CCI dated 22nd May 2009.


As you know, the Competition Commission (CCI) functions in the way of collegium (sitting for meetings) and decisions are based on majority, on receipt of Information [u/r 2(1) (e)] or Reference [u/r 2(1)(h)] unlike MRTPC sittings on applications.


Reg 3 - Meetings for transaction of business and their procedure. As per Reg 3, the meetings of the Commission (CCI) shall ordinarily be held at its head office situated in New Delhi Provided that the Commission may also hold meetings at its other offices or at any other place in India, whenever, in the opinion of the Commission, it is expedient to do so.  There is separate procedure for ordinary & special meetings. 


The power to regulate procedure & irregularity of procedure is given under Reg 4 & 5.


Reg 6 - Removal of difficulty: In the matter of implementation of these regulations, if any doubt or difficulty arises, the same shall be placed before the Commission and the decision of CCI thereon shall be final.


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