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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CS Exam Results Company Secretary (ICSI)


Even CS results started coming earlier as LEARN LABZ has arrived. Yes, still remember the days when time starts ticking but refuses to surpass the 5 PM on either 25th August or 25th February.

Now, you are relaxed by 5 hours (just think, its 5 hours), really a very big reason to cherish, nourish or whatsoever. I know friends, how much turmoil inside you BUT once you cross the Well, you will also start giving lectures like me. Best thing is, you have to wait 5 hours lesser now.

Trying my level best to make you enter your next level in CS exams, the most exciting and very interesting way. Do have a look @ our New Idea of viewing Law in

Yes, we have ventured into CS and for sure, we will win!!!

Come on, its everything within us, Pass / Fail is what ICSI declares, but ultimately the Real Understanding is one & only ourselves.

Wait for excitements, as its LIFE. Life is a "XXX"; yesterday is an Xperience, Today is Xperiment and tomorrow is Xpectation. But in RESULTS, you have a very limited scope, is that by which you can only EXPECT it on 25th August 2008 by 12 noon @ (that too @ site's intention).

Again, just remember, RESULTS are PAST TENSE though its Expected in FUTURE.

Keep Experimenting...


Ram said...

good work

sss5 said...

chances of clearing the exam are very low...but still lets c....

Anonymous said...

CS classes in

Anonymous said...

hello vj,2gud work it vl surely going to help us alot.

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