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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

[Companies Act]e-Form 8 WITHIN 30 days of Creation / Modification of Charge; on Sufficient cause & Additional fee WITHIN 60 days; Beyond 60 days, apply to Company Law Board (CLB)

The procedure for seeking condonation of delay in terms of Section 141 of the Companies Act, 1956 as it stood prior to 27-10-2007 would come into force from 6th July 2008.

The government has withdrawn earlier circular allowing companies to file Form 8 within 300 days without filing petition with CLB by a General Circular dt. 1st July 2008.

Now, earlier limit of 30 days (and 60 days with late fee) will apply to all form 8 to be uploaded from 6.7.2008 onwards.

Section 134 / 135 of the Companies Act, 1956, deals with the Creation / Modification of Charge.  The provisions for Creation / Modification of Charge is SAME.  In both the cases, e-Form 8 to be filed WITHIN 30 days of such Creation / Modification.  Such period of 30 days can be EXTENDED to another 30 days, on showing SUFFICIENT CAUSE & paying ADDITIONAL FEES to RoC (Registrar of Companies).  Any further delay, i.e, delay beyond a period of 30+30 = 60 days, can be CONDONED by CLB (Company Law Board) only as per Section 141 of the Act.  Further, such Condonation of Delay SHALL NOT PREJUDICE any rights acquired in respect of the property concerned, BEFORE the Charge is ACTUALLY REGISTERED.  Hence,
1. Creation / Modification of Charge = File e-Form 8 WITHIN 30 days of Creation / Modification with Normal Filing Fees;
2. Creation / Modification of Charge = 31 to 60 days of Creation / Modification, show Sufficient Cause + File e-Form 8 WITHIN 60 days of Creation / Modification WITH Additional Filing Fees;
3. Creation / Modification of Charge [>] 60 days of Creation / Modification, apply to Company Law Board (CLB)  to CONDONE the delay.

This is the situation which WAS prevailing till 27.10.2007 & WILL prevail from 6.7.2008.  The situation during the intervening period was, Amendment - Companies Act - Extention of 300 Days for registeration of Creation / Statisfaction of Charge U/s 125/138

Forget all those, as of now, just remember 30 days + 30 days + CLB & have a look @


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