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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yes, r u ready to answer these questions..........

1.      RELIVE Co.LTD countered the petition on the following grounds, among others:

(1)   RELIVE was under no obligation to pay the alleged debt, if any, as all obligations pertaining to the said contract had been transferred to RELAY Co. LTD by virtue of the demerger.

(2)   Further, the alleged debt was one in respect of which, a bonafide dispute had been raised by RELIVE CO.LTD.

(3)   The machinery of winding up was being used by PL. to coerce the company into making payment of the alleged debt, which RELIVE is under no obligation to pay.

2.      PL.'s contentions, among others, were as follows:

(1)   By terminating the contract, RELIVE had confirmed that it was the relevant party to the contract and therefore, all remedies for PL. lay against RELIVE.

(2)   There was no bonafide dispute, as the liability remained undisputed till the date of demand under Section 434(1) (a). This dispute was merely raised for the purpose of covering up the Company's inability to meet its payment obligations.

(3)   The Company was unreasonably refusing to pay the debt without just cause and with malafide intentions and therefore, the Court could order winding up in such instances.

Its ICSI Moot Court 2008, the case, which covers Clauses in the Agreement, Demerger, Winding Up, HR issues & lot more.
CS friends, believe me, just participation itself can bring a lot of positive change in you.  I assure, you can find a new you in you.
All you have to do is, be thorough with every letter in 13 points of the case.
Just remmember, The eloquent man is he who is no eloquent speaker, but who is inwardly drunk with a certain belief.
So, read the case as many times as possible.
You have to make Submissions from both sides, I mean as a petitioner & as a defendant.  You have make ready all the Court documents with Blue (for petitioners) & Red (for Defendants) and you should know the Court Etiquettes, like My Lord....Do check out
Don't say, you don't know, just get to know.  Exams got over, do some brainstorming sessions now, I believe, its the right time for all this.  If you qualify a single round, you can go to the next round to different places, ALL @ Institue's expense.  You can meet so many professional frens, get to know their ideas & learn...........
Come on, lets many here, really have the guts to learn.
Keep mootin....


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