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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Last date for filing of applications and applicability of late cut, for Schemes under Chapter 3 of FTP, clarification thereof

As per
1. For exports made from 1-4-2006 till 31-3-2008 that have already been realized up to 31-3-2008, the last date for filing the application for obtaining benefits under Chapter 3 of the Foreign Trade Policy will be 30.11.2008, and if the realization is after 31.3.2008, then the last date for filing the application will be as per the provisions of Para 3.23.10 of HBP Vol. 1 (RE-2008) as amended vide Public Notice No. 64 (RE-2008) / 2004-2009 dated 14.8.2008.

2. Further, it is clarified that late cut, in terms of Para 3.23.2 HBP Vol. 1 (RE-2008) read with Para 9.3 of HBP Vol. 1 (RE-2008), shall be applicable for applications filed after the prescribed last date as above, even for exports made from 1.4.2006 till 31.3.2008.

This issues with the approval of the DGFT.


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