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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CS as your Valentine, I love you CS

This year, your Valentine will surprise you with pleasant gifts 2 (TWO) Hours earlier as the following Resolution is passed by ICSI, with an Unanimous Approval,
"Resolved that.....CS Foundation/Inter/Final results will be announced at 2pm on 25th day of February 2008"

Just SEE to get the YES, for all questions...

There are many reasons to love your CS, the valentine,
1. Your subjects are making everyday's News. Yes, keep tracking, u will enjoy the amount, value & more of your subjects.
2. Now onwards, Inter friends will become Executives & Final Friends become Professionals as ICSI has announced Executive & Professional programs in lieu of Inter & Final respectively.
3. Every subject in CS is a fun-packed entertainment, collect your circle of frens, delegate the study subjects they love and then discuss your love, go & win the exams.
4. See CS, Yes, in every part of your life....pass resolutions in SMS, submit a deed/agreement in e-mail, use legal terminologies like sine die, mutatis mutandis,....with your CS frens as a colloquial language.
5. See CS CS everywhere. Just add some interests in every aspect of your doing, like quizzing things that you studied, so that the other person will get envied & try not only to answer your question but also to question you more.
6. Try creating interesting charts, audios, videos out of CS, circulate among frens to get critical reviews and make it as interesting as possible; v have already seen AGM's, declaration of dividend, in-camera court & more in movies including GURU by Guru Mani Ratnam.
7. Mergers are Marriages, Demergers are Divorces; Marriages involves various types of Takeovers also like Friendly Takeover, Bail-out Takeover,.... Birthday's are AGM's where you may invite all the shareholders and declare dividend to your shareholders, and never ending.
8. Company is a being; "Brains" are the Board (aka Board of Diretors), "Body" is the Shareholders, Your "Cap" is the Managing Director and what not....
9. Everything is easy in life, but you have to work smart (aka hard) to make it more easier & lovely. Your CS Study Materials are excellent treasures which many would not even have an opportunity to see; You will find all the acts, rules, regulations, including things in the international arena which packs you with a knowledge of everything, after which you will feel everything in the world is yours, then the actual interests begins...
10. CS professionals meet the variety of works that you can't imagine, it varies according to the Industries you work, Professionals you interact, Ministries you deal with, .....the ultimate joy of working independantly in tandem with the latest developments, update every one around you.....Yes, v make things happen everywhere whether its practice/employment.

Keep Loving....CS, as your Valentine, the only place where polygamy is permitted whereby you may add more valentines like CA, CWA, Law, MBA, Phd and more, as you interests, though not mandatory.

Do post your views as Comments/Messages/Chat Box/E-mails.


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